Bonner Cutting

“It is inspiring to see how hard health care professionals work to bring potentially life-saving screenings and treatments to the people they serve, and a privilege to be part of this remarkable effort”, said Komen Houston volunteer Bonner Cutting.


In her four years as a Komen Houston Volunteer, Bonner’s passion has always been clear. Bonner serves as the Grants Committee Chair and serves on the Medical Advisory Council Adjunct Committee.  She frequently represents Komen Houston at site visits to Komen funded partners. “The Komen organization funds mammograms and screenings for underserved women, and many lives are saved because of the tireless efforts of Komen, said Bonner.”

“Komen Houston is so grateful for the passion and leadership Bonner brings to everything she does with Komen,” said Ginny Kirklin, Mission Director at Susan G. Komen Houston.  “She always shares new discoveries in breast cancer research and gets everyone excited how we can advance research through our work.”

Bonner is a six-year survivor, and wants to help other women who are going through diagnosis and treatment. “My breast cancer was found on a mammogram”, said Bonner.  “The tumor could not even be felt, so without the mammogram, it would not have been diagnosed at an early stage-  I believe that this mammogram saved my life”.  The Komen organization funds mammograms and screenings for underserved women, and many lives are saved because of the tireless efforts of Komen. (Komen Impact profile for January 2017)

Dr. Janet Hoagland

Dr. Janet Hoagland attended Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana and was awarded her Doctor of Medicine degree in 1982. Dr. Hoagland completed her 5 year internship and residency in General Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center and Affiliated Hospitals in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas as well as a mid-residency fellowship in Surgical Research Oncology. From 1988-1989, she received additional training in Surgical Oncology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.


In 1989, she entered private practice specializing in Surgical Diseases of the Breast at Memorial Southwest Hospital in Houston, Texas. In 1998 until 2010 she was associated with The Rose, a non-profit breast cancer organization – 501(c) in Houston, Texas. She started the Physicians network, ran a support Group The Knock Out Roses and a Young Women’s Breast Clinic and performed clinical imaging in Breast Ultrasound, USG and Stereotactic biopsies.

In 2014 through the present, she was invited to serve as the Breast Medical Specialist on an innovative CPRIT grant sub-awarded to Harris Health Systems from Baylor (primary) to provide Preventative Breast Care and  Breast Screening to the women of Harris County.

Dr. Hoagland has been affiliated with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Houston Affiliate for 25 years with previous positions as Board Member, Medical Director for the Race for the Cure, Houston, and the Grants Committee.  She currently serves on the Komen Houston Medical Advisory Board to assist in identifying the unmet needs of the Houston breast cancer community.

Personal Statement:

I was initially motivated to work in Breast cancer by my own personal, my mother’s and my maternal grandmother’s history. My original interest in joining with the Houston Affiliate, Susan G Komen Foundation in 1991 stemmed from a combination of my personal experience and wanting to make a difference in the lives of women and other families fighting this disease. I held the firm belief that saving one more mother would save one more family. Little did I realize at that time that in 2005, my own dear husband James would develop breast cancer. The Race for the Cure became a family event for me, James and our six wonderful children, and is still celebrated by the children no matter where they are.

Komen has provided me with a special meaning to my life and many lifelong friendships. I feel so Blessed and grateful! (Komen Impact profile for December 2016)