Komen Houston serves as the Greater Houston leader in the fight against breast cancer by identifying community needs and priorities through a Community Assessment and then working to identify and implement the most effective programs and efforts to make a significant impact.

Komen Houston is committed to finding effective solutions across the continuum of care, attacking breast cancer from all sides – including preventative care, diagnostic tests and treatment support and cutting-edge research.

Our work includes:

  • Education – educational outreach on breast health and breast cancer to the community, especially to underserved populations in Southeast Texas
  • Diagnostic Tests and Preventative Care – breast exams, mammograms, and other diagnostic tests to patients who are under- or uninsured or in underserved areas
  • Treatment Support – assistance with patient navigation, transportation, psychological support, and much more
  • Advocacy – collaborative work with local, state and national legislators on breast health and accessibility issues
  • Research – cutting-edge research in collaboration with the nation’s most advanced and knowledgeable researchers to aggressively find more effective therapies for the most complex cancers, and identifying technology to detect breast cancer at the very earliest stage

To achieve this, Komen Houston works to ensure the most efficient and effective programs are employed, maximizing the impact of every donor dollar. While the visible heart of Komen Houston fundraising is the annual Race for the Cure® in October, Komen Houston must continue to leverage the collective power of individual, foundation and corporate support to eliminate health inequities in our community, prevent breast cancer and save lives.